Friday, January 13, 2012

Visual Novels Now 2011 Best Ofs and TCAST Sequel Status

Good news first!
Carosene (that's me 8D) won the category "Rookie of 2011" for Visual Novels Now! Woo! (Though I would like to shout out to Super63, who was in that category and, despite being a rookie or whatever, put out a freakin' commercial dating sim and drew all her own stuff. I was rooting for you, Super63!) Thank you so much! TCAST also got nominated both for "Visual Novel of the Year" and Autumn got nominated for "Best Character." Thanks so much to JP and the readers of Visual Novels Now for considering TCAST, it's an honor.

Oh, and there's a sweet review of TCAST at Visual Novel Reviews 4.

And while we're talking about sweet TCAST things other people have done, AmaraInsevi made a gorgeous fanart called Never Forget!

And my homie Kura wrote up a couple of awesome TCAST fanfic kink drabbles in hir blog. X3 "Ageplay" "Punishment" There's some other drabbles in there too, some of which are NSFW, so tread carefully.

Of course, the question is, what the hell am I going to do this upcoming year? And that takes us to mildly depressing news about the TCAST sequel.

Well, the TCAST sequel, which I have tried to make no promises on, is currently not in development. In the months after TCAST released, I kicked around a handful of ideas and started up no less than eight different scripts. Unfortunately, nothing really went anywhere or was on par with TCAST.

I'm not abandoning it--I will continue to think about it and try things out, but I just want you guys to know that  if the hypothetical TCAST sequel happens, it won't be soon.

I'm at work on other stuff! Actually, I have an exciting announcement coming Sunday! Can't wait to tell you guys about it!


Entropy said...

"Next year"? It's already 2012, bro. :P

Also, EIGHT, really? Daaamn. What a stubborn sequel. Meanwhile I'll just keep writing questionable post-TCAST fanfic. XD

carosene said...

Solid point, ha ha. XD *edits*

Yeaaah... XD What would happen is I couldn't settle on a setting, and the same characters bounced from setting to setting, and then I chose different characters, and then setting bounced again...


Unknown said...

I just wanted to stop by and say how much I love TCAST. I first read this around 2012 and was left for days with this awful longing for characters that I knew weren't real. Never have I experienced anything quite like it and everytime I listen to the music from the game I get chills. In short, this game is lovely and I felt that from the very first time I played it. I picked it up again yesterday evening and played through again and was just reminded about how amazing the writing was. The fact that this makes me cry again and again just speaks volumes as I very rarely get emotional about fiction. Truly amazing work. I know that it has been quite a while since anything has been said about more from you, but I am begging as a huge admirer, don't stop writing and making games. I really want to see more from you. Thank you for the gift of this beautiful piece of art. I cannot say enough about how much it changed me.

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