Sunday, January 15, 2012

Announcing "Love and Keggers"!

Finally, I have a game that I'm promoting from Voldemort Visual Novel status!

So, story time: You guys remember when TCAST won the Visual Novel festival? Well, a lot of talented artists donated a commission as a prize for that. And because I had so many commissions, I thought, I could ask for TCAST fanart... or I could ask for something more AWESOME than TCAST fanart.

Which would be, a whole new game.

"Love and Keggers" will be a pretty short game made up of three shorter stories about college students who wake up after a frat boy party and their dealing with the aftermath of the party.

Keri and Carmen meet for the first time at the party, and end up in bed together, but will they give their relationship a chance at a relationship beyond a one-night stand?

When Sean and DeAndre, roommates and friends, find themselves in bed together, their relationship, their living situation, and their sexualities all come into question.

Tatiana wakes up in a strange house with a hangover and memories of a friendship she might have destroyed trying to turn it into something more. Fortunately, there's a cute punk boy on hand to rant about it to.

Because there will be eight different artists on the project, generally contributing about one piece of art per artist, the art of the game will vary wildly, but that's the nature of the project. As of right now, a draft of the script is done.

Can't wait to get this game done and into your hands! :D

(And I also have a much bigger Voldemort Visual Novel I'm currently working on~ X3 Lots of stuff going down!)


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