Sunday, November 6, 2011

Leaving Darlings Lost

Depressing post ahead! >.<

As I've written in a couple of places, Darlings Lost is entering a hiatus that will probably be permanent.

The first draft of Darlings Lost was written quite a while ago, back in the summer of 2009 (before I even wrote TCAST.) In other posts I mentioned that even though I had a finished draft, I was struggling to make it into something that I was proud of. I've been working on it on and off since then, and I've considered putting it down before now, but I was like "but there's so much work in it!" So I stuck with it, but now, some personal stuff has taken it's toll.

About half of the game is written around one specific event that was a spoiler in the game. Then, a few months ago, that event happened to me in real life. I realized I didn't do the subject justice in the game, and it needs a major overhaul. But now I don't have the energy to spend on it both in real life and in my free time. I'm just not in a good head space to write something entertaining about it.

I hate it when people announce things and then retract them, and I'm very disappointed in myself for becoming "that person." >.< Hopefully I can make another awesome game in the future and earn my credibility back.

Thank you to everyone who followed the game and wished it well! It meant a lot to me.

This is not the promised sequel post to my "African American Vernacular English: A Language History Lesson" post, which will probably come sometime this week. :)


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