Friday, August 5, 2011

TCAST Robot Types

Because Autumn, the protagonist of TCAST, lives in a world where androids are a normal part of the culture, I tried (and mostly failed) to not explain them so much in the game. So here I make up for it.
Explanation of robots go!
By the way, all of these names are not brand names (maybe they were at one point, but they've evolved into types of robots.) So there are going to be different companies making MyPals and such, which means there would be variances in the description.

Purpose: To baby-sit, protect, and entertain children.
Committed to: The child they protect, entertain, and obey (to a limited extent.) They may or may not profess their love for the child. (It depends on the type and the settings.)
Consumer: Parents
Strength: *****
Appearance: MyPals generally have a simple, clean-cut appearance that pleases the parents yet doesn't outshine their own child. Models are sold that appear to be a variety of ages, though most appear to be underage.
Cultural notes: Society is to the point where if you haven't bought your child a MyPal then you aren't a good parent.

Purpose: Sex, companionship
Committed to: An adult that they obey, and may or may not profess their love for. (Again, depends on the type and the settings.)
Consumer: Adults
Strength: **
Appearance: Beautiful and generally clean-cut.
Cultural notes: Though the concept sold with EternaLovers is that they are a kind of "perfect spouse," the reality is people are much more creative with their uses of EternaLovers. It's more common that a couple will have one just to threesome with them, or perhaps a couple will keep one if they no longer satisfy each other sexually but prefer to stay together. Some people custom order EternaLovers if they have a kink that can't be satisfied by a generic AmorBot. People who use these androids as a spouse--and become that emotionally attached to them--exist, but are generally dismissed as ugly anti-social losers. Due to their large price-tag (as all androids are expensive, but especially because their entire body has to appear humanoid) and the cultural baggage, EternaLovers aren't nearly as popular as their sluttier counterparts.
EternaLovers and AmorBots are very weak androids. This is not so much because it's a good design, but because there is general paranoia, especially with the male androids, that it will go haywire and try to rape the consumer. Incidents are next-to-nothing, but the companies play on consumer fears and use the weakness of their android as a safety measure and advertising ploy. (This also means that if Elly and Jude ever met in their original units, Elly could easily kick his ass.)

Purpose: Sex, escort services
Committed to: An adult they have a sexual relationship with. They will obey this person during the duration of their commitment.
Consumer: Adults
Strength: **
Appearance: Beautiful, but are often more sexy, slutty, or rough-around-the-edges than EternaLovers.
Cultural notes: AmorBots and EternaLovers are functionally the same kind of units, they're just used differently in practice. While EternaLovers are purchased once and taken home, AmorBots are rented on a short-term basis. The name change came about as an attempt to break off from some of the stigma that comes with EternaLovers. While AmorBots do have a stigma with them as well, ("You're an ugly loser who can't get laid") it's not nearly as severe. ("Well, I guess everyone is horny and alone sometimes, and it's better than masturbating.")
In America, AmorBots are legally viewed as sex toys, rather than prostitutes, so they're legal across all 50 states. However, they've had a huge impact on American prostitution consumption. AmorBots dominate the competition with their STD-free guarantee and the fact that you don't have to worry about them judging you, running into you ever again, etc. AmorBot companies even managed to create a market of women. After all, the androids can't get impregnate anyone, pass on STDs, rape incidents are next-to-nothing, plus they can be as attractive as you can afford, and escort services are offered to sweeten the deal.

Purpose: Protection
Committed to: Someone they protect.
Strength: *****
Appearance: Varied. They range from plain and ordinary to huge and intimidating.
Cultural notes: In a culture where your child must have a MyPal or they're not safe, this attitude carries over to adulthood as well. GuardBodies aren't nearly as common as MyPals, after all, parents tend to be more paranoid about their children than they are for themselves.

Purpose: Perform simple chores and tasks
Committed to: Someone they obey.
Strength: ***
Appearance: MyServants aren't necessarily androids--actually, most of them aren't androids, but more flexible, compact robots. (After all, androids are expensive.) However, some people like the idea of being catered to by another human, and so there are MyServant androids available. Some people will download MyServant software onto another android they own, such as a MyPal, EternaLover, or GuardBody.
Cultural notes: MyServants are as commonplace as a dishwasher or a wash machine in America today. They are seen as a must-have for a modern, busy, career-oriented person.


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