Friday, May 20, 2011

Setting up the ol' Blog...

I am finally setting up a blog!
The adorably gay banner is from my upcoming visual novel That Cheap and Sacred Thing, which despite it's vague and pretentious title, is about robots. The lineart is by the fantabulous Leaux and the coloring is by ah-maz-ing Verity.
Hopefully TCAST will be released within a month. o.o We'll see.
On the miraculous chance you're not actually from the Lemma Soft forum, here's the thread where you can see more about TCAST.

My experience with first blog posts is that they are boring and the only people who see them are people looking at later blog posts that actually have a sense of porpoise.
So I give you a xkcd comic, an SMBC comic, and a lolcat.


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